Letters To The Editor

It’s about the community:

Take the Good Jobs Pledge today!

Our communities need decent, well-paying, productive jobs, including in value-added export industries (like auto).  Without good jobs, we can’t support local businesses, pay taxes to support public services, or offer our children a decent future.

Good jobs are crucial to the well-being of our communities – no matter what job you do.

Creating and preserving good jobs into the future requires concerted effort by both business and government. It doesn’t happen without taking concrete action.

To Global Corporations:

You enjoy enormous opportunity in Canada, manufacturing and selling your products here.  In turn, you owe something back to our economy, and our communities.  I’m joining the call for you to invest more in Canadian operations and good Canadian jobs.

To Prime Minister Harper and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty:

Other countries around the world support their key value-added industries (like auto) with pro-active policies, including fair trade policies.  It’s time Canada did the same.

I’m calling on you to implement a National Auto Policy to support the Canadian manufacturing footprint long into the future, and to convene a National Jobs Summit to develop an overall strategy for keeping good jobs in Canada.

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