How to Take Effective Photo for Traffic Accident Investigation?

For any accidents, photographs play an essential role. It creates an accurate and permanent record of the incident and captures all the detailed appearance that would otherwise be overlooked. A private investigation company in Mississauga often finds interesting details in the photos at a later date which was not noticed at the scene of the accident.

Private Investigation company in Mississauga

While photographs can be one of the strongest tools for investigation, private investigators need to know some of the basic tips to get the best of their photographs. Take into account the following tip, if you want to learn about taking effective automobile accident pictures.

Tell a Story

As a society, we are very visual. That means we understand a situation better if we can simply visualise it. The juries are no exception to this fact. So, to make the juries understand the situation, you should take photos in such a way that it depicts a story.

Set the Scene

You should cover each angle while taking the photos of the scene. That means you should take photos of the path of the approaching vehicle, their sightlines and the possible obstructions.

Try to include the popular landmarks that make it easier for the jury to identify the location of the accident. You should also try to locate the point of impact and take photos of the locations and the views that one could add from that point.

Use the photographs provided by the police to recreate the scene. Take a ruler and measure the position of the vehicles or the bodies so that you can set the scene on a later date.

Talk to the Witnesses

Most road accidents come with several witnesses. Being an investigator of an investigation company in Mississauga, you should try to locate and talk to the witnesses to find out what they could have seen. Take photos from the witness’s vantage point. Try to take a map with you and make the witness put marks on it about their position. It would help you to take the photos on a later date.

Private Investigation company in Mississauga

Focus on the Vehicle

If you are allowed to take the photos of the car in the tow yard, you should take a four corner approach. For the uninitiated, that means you have to take the photos of all sides of the vehicle to establish a complete exterior view.

If you can gain access to the inside of the vehicle, take additional shorts to cover it. Plan ahead to create a system of taking photos of the vehicle. While taking the photos of the license plate, front and the back of the car, do not forget about the NADAR sticker and VIN plate. Make sure to stay wary of the sharp edges while taking the photos.

Understandably, taking photos like the experienced professional photographer is not possible for a private eye of a private investigators company in Mississauga. That’s why you should take a photography class to understand the methods of taking quality evidentiary shots. Once that’s over, get access to a good quality tripod and camera for yourself and you are good to go.

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