DUI Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights in Drunk Driving Cases

When you face DUI charges, the financial burden can become a big reason to worry. As a defendant you might avoid hiring a lawyer in order to save some money. However, you fail to understand that this can cost you more money in the long run.  The first thing that comes to the mind is can a lawyer get you off a dui? The requirement of a DUI lawyer largely depends on the severity of the case and the legal knowledge of the individual. For DUI cases, a lawyer will fight for your rights and will represent you in the courtroom. If you are still unsure then you can take a look at the reasons given below to hire a DUI lawyer.


You are Not Sure what to Plead

Pleading guilty or not is a decision that you have to make all on your own. In case, there is a grey area in the DUI case or if for instance, your BAC was a bit above the limit then you need to talk to a legal advisor prior to deciding on what you plead. This is because there can be more than one answer. If you hire a DUI lawyer, it will help in making the decision. Also, the case will have a better outcome.

You Require Help with the Sentence Negotiation

In certain cases, you might have an opportunity to negotiate the sentence. Again, if you hire Criminal lawyer Vancouver, they will be able to help in lowering the charges, for instance, from a severe case of drunk driving to a simple case of reckless driving. A Dui lawyer will be aware of the steps that he/she has to take. He/she will also know the ideal way to communicate with the prosecutor and the judge to get the minimum punishment.

Your Job Might be Affected

There are some jobs that check the background of their employees. They also check if the employee has some criminal charges against them before hiring them. If you feel that the charges can affect your career or make you lose your job then you can hire a DUI attorney.

can a lawyer get me off dui

You are the Second Offender

In case, you are the second offender in case of DUI, you should definitely hire a lawyer. This is because, during the second time, the sentencing might turn out to be much severe and if you have a lawyer by your side then you have fewer chances of being flooded by penalties.

Your DUI Concerns an Accident

There are several reasons for the police to pull you over and then charge you with a DUI. If the DUI has led to an unusual circumstance then that is one thing. However, if the DUI concerns an accident or if several lives were at risk as you were driving under influence, your charges will be pretty severe. This is the reason you should hire a DUI lawyer if there has been an accident due to your driving under influence.

If you or someone you know faces DUI charges, it is always better to hire a DUI lawyer than think that can a lawyer get you off a dui. If you have a lawyer by your side, you will have the peace of mind.

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