Common Mistakes In Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer Toronto That Causes Application to Be Returned

No doubt, you can do an immigration application all by yourself and then send it to the IRCC. It is not necessary to have a spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto. However, there are several pitfalls when it comes to submitting the application all by yourself without having a professional review. This might cause delay in the proceedings.

Take a look at the common mistakes that people make when they complete the application all by themselves.

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Using the Wrong Version of Application Forms

All of IRCC application forms are known to be available over the internet. Nonetheless, these forms are updated pretty frequently and don’t require any kind of warning. At times, these might be updated several times in a particular year. If you submit the order version of the form, IRCC might return the application even without processing it.

This is not going to happen all the time. At times, it will depend on how old the forms are. The reason the forms are updated by IRCC is because they ask for additional information than they had in previous times. The best way you will be able to avoid this problem is to make sure that you have the new form.

Answering Questions Incorrectly

Spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto mentions that the most common mistake that people make while applying for the spousal sponsorship is not asking for help in case they do not understand the question on the application. Quite frequently people mistake the meaning of a question and then answer with incorrect or irrelevant information.  In case you are not sure of a meaning, you can call the IRCC’s call center or get in touch with a professional lawyer.

Leaving Questions Blank

It is important to answer the questions on the application forms. If you leave questions blank it will omit important information. Again, it is also going to look suspicious to IRCC. In case the information on the question doesn’t apply to you, you can always write not applicable in the answer space.  If you leave the questions blank, it is sure-fire way to have the application returned to you.

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Misunderstanding Who is the Applicant and Who is the Sponsor

Just like other governing offices, IRCC uses several terms for specifying their fields.  Yo9u might be confused by the legal jargon. You might see a word which means one thing in everyday language but is something completely different in terms of the application form. Spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto states that for spousal sponsorship, the applicant and sponsor will have to fill out separate forms. Thus, you have to ensure that each person fills out the right form to send to IRCC. In case the forms have been completed by the wrong person, the application is going to be returned to you.

Inadequate and Incomplete Supporting Documents

Every sponsorship application will have documents apart from the application as a form of proof that the relationship is genuine and real. You have to make sure that you have submitted the required documents. If any of the required documents are missing from the application, IRCC might return the application to you even without processing it. They will return it to you because there is lack of proof that the relationship is real. Thus, it is better to take the help of the spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto while filling out the form.

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