How to Take Effective Photo for Traffic Accident Investigation?

For any accidents, photographs play an essential role. It creates an accurate and permanent record of the incident and captures all the detailed appearance that would otherwise be overlooked. A private investigation company in Mississauga often finds interesting details in the photos at a later date which was not noticed at the scene of the accident.

Private Investigation company in Mississauga

While photographs can be one of the strongest tools for investigation, private investigators need to know some of the basic tips to get the best of their photographs. Take into account the following tip, if you want to learn about taking effective automobile accident pictures.

Tell a Story

As a society, we are very visual. That means we understand a situation better if we can simply visualise it. The juries are no exception to this fact. So, to make the juries understand the situation, you should take photos in such a way that it depicts a story.

Set the Scene

You should cover each angle while taking the photos of the scene. That means you should take photos of the path of the approaching vehicle, their sightlines and the possible obstructions.

Try to include the popular landmarks that make it easier for the jury to identify the location of the accident. You should also try to locate the point of impact and take photos of the locations and the views that one could add from that point.

Use the photographs provided by the police to recreate the scene. Take a ruler and measure the position of the vehicles or the bodies so that you can set the scene on a later date.

Talk to the Witnesses

Most road accidents come with several witnesses. Being an investigator of an investigation company in Mississauga, you should try to locate and talk to the witnesses to find out what they could have seen. Take photos from the witness’s vantage point. Try to take a map with you and make the witness put marks on it about their position. It would help you to take the photos on a later date.

Private Investigation company in Mississauga

Focus on the Vehicle

If you are allowed to take the photos of the car in the tow yard, you should take a four corner approach. For the uninitiated, that means you have to take the photos of all sides of the vehicle to establish a complete exterior view.

If you can gain access to the inside of the vehicle, take additional shorts to cover it. Plan ahead to create a system of taking photos of the vehicle. While taking the photos of the license plate, front and the back of the car, do not forget about the NADAR sticker and VIN plate. Make sure to stay wary of the sharp edges while taking the photos.

Understandably, taking photos like the experienced professional photographer is not possible for a private eye of a private investigators company in Mississauga. That’s why you should take a photography class to understand the methods of taking quality evidentiary shots. Once that’s over, get access to a good quality tripod and camera for yourself and you are good to go.

Tricks for Avoiding Debts during Pandemic

The pandemic has caught many many people across Canada in a sticky situation. Due to the lockdown and social distancing, most of the businesses have been closed for the last couple of months, leading to unemployment. Now, many people are worried about paying their credit card bills, electricity bills, and house rent.

In this situation, many people are considering tapping on their emergency savings and taking loans based on credit card sales. While everyone should talk to their financial advisors about the steps that should be taken during this trying time, here is some advice that you can consider for now.

loans based on credit card sales

Will Credit Card Companies Lower Their Annual Percentage Rate?

A survey conducted in March 2020 has shown that every one in seven credit cardholders has said that due to the financial disruption caused by the pandemic, they are not confident about paying the credit card bills in full.

The good news is, most of the credit card companies are thinking about lowering the interest rates on the current balance. However, you have to get in touch with your creditor to know whether you will be able to get that benefit. There is no harm in getting upfront about it. Let your creditor know about your current financial condition, and ask them to offer some leeway in paying the debt off.

There are many credit card companies that are assisting people who have taken loans based on credit card sales. Some major credit card companies have said that if the current pandemic has impacted the credit borrower financially, they are ready to refund the interest charges. The company even talked about waiving the late fees off and reinstating rewards points if any to the borrowers’ credit card.

Should You Take out Your Money from Your Retirement Savings?

Even though the financial blow of the pandemic is quite severe for many, the financial advisors think that you should still consider twice before taking a loan from your retirement plan. Most of the bills that you pay can wait for a few more months. Talk to the landlords and utility managers to check whether they are offering any deferment programs for people who are facing financial troubles due to the pandemic. The option of availing loans from your retirement plan will always be there, so you should not take money out of it if it is not necessary.

loans based on credit card sales

How to Make Provision for Money?

The government is taking different steps to provide some relief to the small business owners across the nation. There are some small business loans and resources allotted for the business owners to help them handle the losses and disruptions due to the COVID-19. You have to find the type of assistance the government is offering to the business owners and others to check if you are eligible for them. If you are, then don’t waste any time in applying online.

While the credit card companies are reducing the interest on loans based on credit card sales and waiving off the late fees, you should not rely solely on them. You need to check for other ways to increase your income. Search for temporary jobs in a different industry or find some freelancing opportunity in your current ones. It might be a compromise careerwise, but it will save you from putting yourself in a deep financial hole.

5 Important Points To Ask Your Employer When You Are Being Fired Or Laid Off

An employee suffers an unwelcome stressful experience when he/she is on the verge of being fired or laid off. These situations can have a terrible impact on any person’s profession. It might end the career of the people or put them to face serious hardships. If you or any of your friends is struggling with this issue, then it is wise to seek the answers to the below-mentioned points and hire an employment lawyer who would help you in protecting your entitlements and rights under the law. Even if you can’t afford to hire an employment lawyer, the following mentioned points will aid you to claim your entitlements and rights in situations of being fired or laid off.Mississauga Employment Lawyer

  • Seek the reasons for being fired or laid off

The difference between lay off and fired is quite simple. A lay off means an impermanent suspension of work, whereas being fired signifies a permanent termination of work. If you are witnessing such a state of affairs, then your employer should clear the doubts related to the termination is temporary or permanent. Anyone facing permanent termination should be provided with the answer that the employment of a person is being terminated ‘for cause’ of ‘without a cause’.

If your employer claims to terminate your employment ‘without a cause’, then they are not obligated to inform any reason to you. While if the termination of employment is ‘for cause’, then the employer should inform you of the reasons that lead to your termination. Any employee who gets fired ‘for cause’ can suffer serious issues like no provision of financial compensation or any prior notice related to termination, which can affect his/her chances of being hired again. In these cases, it is thoughtful to look for the Mississauga employment lawyer who will aid in negotiating some terms during this termination process and determining whether the cause is valid or not.

  • Know the authenticity of the reasons for the layoff or fired

In the cases of permanent termination, the employee must be informed of the reasons that lead to his/her termination. If the particular employee is a representative of a union, then the employee and the union must seek the authenticity of the given cause provided by the employer. In the case of a private employee who suffers a termination ‘without a cause’, then the employer is not obligated to provide you with any reasons related to your termination.

Any federally-regulated employees can be fired by their employers without any cause due to job discontinuance or deficiency of work. So if you belong to this category, then you must ask your employer that your employment termination lies in either an employee who has been in service for at least 12 months or he/she is a non-people manager.

  • Request for a recommendation letter

It is implausible that the employer will accept this request, however, the employer might provide you one letter of recommendation for any strategical or legal reasons. In such cases, the employer agrees to hand over a reference letter, which would help in getting a new job. Moreover, you should ask your employer about the person who would be writing a reference letter for you that would be presented in front of a prospective new employer. In such events, an employee must seek the help of the Mississauga employment lawyer who will aid in negotiating the statements to be written about your services to the company in your recommendation letter from your former employer to the future prospective employer.

Mississauga Employment Lawyer

  • Seek the entitlements offered in your termination package:

Before leaving the company, it is wise to ask your employer to explain the facilities offered in your termination package. It is beneficial if the termination package must include severance, allotment notice, benefits and accumulated vacation pays.

So, it is highly recommended to get the severance package re-examined by the Mississauga employment lawyer an employee may be qualified to receive more benefits than what is being offered by your employer. If you are in doubt when you would land in your next job, then the employee should not reject the severance pay.

  • Ask your employer to provide you with some time before signing a release:

When an employee gets fired, he/she receives a “release” document to sign along with a termination package. In simple words, a legit document which affects an employee’s legal rights is called a release. Hence, the release must be first reviewed by the Mississauga employment lawyer because signing the release document will stymie the employee from putting any claims to the employers about any legitimate entitlements in the future.

Top Reasons to Look for best Personal Injury Lawyers in London

Getting injured due to an accident is in itself a very painful thing. If it happens while you are at work, it only makes things more complicated. There is the added pressure of having to claim compensation from your employer. Usually, employers do not right away admit that it was the company’s fault. They will try hard to prove that they were in no way responsible for your injury. Depending on the impact of the injury, you may not be able to continue work for some time or forever. Thus, you have to make sure you get a settlement. For this, you will need an experienced lawyer. Go through the reasons listed below to know why it is good to hire the best personal injury lawyers in London, Ontario.

Best Personal Injury Lawyers in London, Ontario

  • Getting compensation is a time-consuming process. You need to negotiate well with your employer as well as the insurance company. Lawyers, by virtue of their profession, are good negotiators. Since nobody is interested in parting with their money, the company will try to project it as your mistake while the insurance company will not easily accept the amount you claim. To deal with these situations, you need the best personal injury lawyers in London, Ontario. A lawyer will educate you on your rights and advocate for them.
  • A work accident will not only lead to physical pain. You also have to deal with the mental trauma and emotional baggage that come with it. Your medical expenses will also shoot up due to the injury. In this kind of situation, especially if you have a permanent disability, it may be difficult to think rationally. You have to deal with pain, fear, and insecurities. It is better to leave the job of negotiating the settlement to the best personal injury lawyers in London, Ontario.

Best Personal Injury Lawyers in London, Ontario

  • Sometimes, your employer may not treat you kindly if you decide to file for a settlement. They may threaten you, cut your salary, put you in a role lower in the hierarchy, or even fire you. As an employee, you have certain rights too. You do not deserve to be treated harshly for claiming a settlement that is rightfully yours. But it may be hard to fight back all by yourself. Thus, consult an experienced lawyer to know more about your rights and for various options on how to deal with the situation.
  • If you frankly provide all the necessary information, a good lawyer will use the info and build a strong case. While this situation may be one of a kind in your life, lawyers have dealt with numerous such cases. Thus, they know the best way to negotiate the best settlement offer.

Injury due to a work accident is a serious issue. Taking things in your own hand may not be the best thing to do. As with any other important decision in your life – it is highly recommended to consult an expert (a reputed personal injury lawyer) for help.

DUI Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights in Drunk Driving Cases

When you face DUI charges, the financial burden can become a big reason to worry. As a defendant you might avoid hiring a lawyer in order to save some money. However, you fail to understand that this can cost you more money in the long run.  The first thing that comes to the mind is can a lawyer get you off a dui? The requirement of a DUI lawyer largely depends on the severity of the case and the legal knowledge of the individual. For DUI cases, a lawyer will fight for your rights and will represent you in the courtroom. If you are still unsure then you can take a look at the reasons given below to hire a DUI lawyer.


You are Not Sure what to Plead

Pleading guilty or not is a decision that you have to make all on your own. In case, there is a grey area in the DUI case or if for instance, your BAC was a bit above the limit then you need to talk to a legal advisor prior to deciding on what you plead. This is because there can be more than one answer. If you hire a DUI lawyer, it will help in making the decision. Also, the case will have a better outcome.

You Require Help with the Sentence Negotiation

In certain cases, you might have an opportunity to negotiate the sentence. Again, if you hire Criminal lawyer Vancouver, they will be able to help in lowering the charges, for instance, from a severe case of drunk driving to a simple case of reckless driving. A Dui lawyer will be aware of the steps that he/she has to take. He/she will also know the ideal way to communicate with the prosecutor and the judge to get the minimum punishment.

Your Job Might be Affected

There are some jobs that check the background of their employees. They also check if the employee has some criminal charges against them before hiring them. If you feel that the charges can affect your career or make you lose your job then you can hire a DUI attorney.

can a lawyer get me off dui

You are the Second Offender

In case, you are the second offender in case of DUI, you should definitely hire a lawyer. This is because, during the second time, the sentencing might turn out to be much severe and if you have a lawyer by your side then you have fewer chances of being flooded by penalties.

Your DUI Concerns an Accident

There are several reasons for the police to pull you over and then charge you with a DUI. If the DUI has led to an unusual circumstance then that is one thing. However, if the DUI concerns an accident or if several lives were at risk as you were driving under influence, your charges will be pretty severe. This is the reason you should hire a DUI lawyer if there has been an accident due to your driving under influence.

If you or someone you know faces DUI charges, it is always better to hire a DUI lawyer than think that can a lawyer get you off a dui. If you have a lawyer by your side, you will have the peace of mind.

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